What is Lug Media Creative?

What services are provided?

Lug Media is primarily a Freelance Web Design company that are driven by customer service and achieving the best results for the client's business. We develop our custom websites using HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript while also building sites using Content Management Systems like WordPress.

Our goal is to create the website that will work for your business and work for you. We also provide services that compliment putting a site together. These include: Illustration, Video (Photography) and general Graphic Design. We are always just a phone call away if you need any help.


Web Design

Contemporary designs for the web

We build attractive websites that are user friendly and engage with the visitor. We utilise intelligent design techniques to lead the viewer around the site with the intention to convert them from visitor to customer.


Illustration and Video

We also provide Video and Illustration services.

Both these mediums can add a sense of vibrancy, fun and style to a website.



Background of Artist/Designer Anthony Cullen


My education has given me a strong grasp of the seven main visual componants and an ability to communicate effectively within them. The courses I attended were: Graphic Design At Letterkenny IT and Web Development at Marino College and an MA Degree in Film at UCD


I started off as a Graphic Designer for a sign company, also working in Tile design. I then spent numerous years working for UCD in an Audio, Sound and IT position and this gave me a grounding in general computing but also in building websites. I haven't looked back since.

Visual Art

I have always been painting and making visual projects in my spare time. This has led me to Exhibiting my work on upwords of thirty occasions both home and abroad. I feel visual art gives me a creative edge in a highly stylised industry.

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